The pleasure of admiring a client leaving our salon with a smile on their face, and knowing that we have made someone feel special, are just two of the reasons why we have an insatiable desire to help people with their hair style and problems. I suppose one could call us a little egoistic because we appear to be just thinking about satisfying our own desires, but if it helps our clients then why not!

Over the past twenty years of our professional hairdressing careers, we have read many surveys in which women said that they found most hairdressers hardly bothered to recommend or help them at all. In some surveys up to 70% of women said that they were never given proper advice about their hair from their hairdresser.

Confronted with the knowledge that so many of our fellow business associates appear to disregard the advice and consultation aspects of hairdressing, we want to offer our advice services to as many individuals as possible. From our own research there seems to be several online style services, but advice and opinion from a qualified professional is difficult to find.

We look forward to helping you achieve a look that is individually YOU!


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